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February 14th, 2015 Collective Art Exhibition

Maciek Albrecht, noted animated film producer, organized a collective Art Exhibition at his studio in Easton, PA. The basic theme was the strong influence of who has the right for censorship. Where do we draw the line in the arts and who draws the line. The affair was extremely well attended by noted musicians, poets, writers, painters and all others connected in the arts. Essays were read, compositions were performed etc. by noted artists. Marta Whistler, noted Painter and Sculptor from Easton, PA, read a small essay based on Sensuality, Erotism and Pornography in the Arts in regard to the rights of censorship. Who has the rights to say and label. The essay was well received by those attending the affair.

Within a few blocks lies The Pomfret Club, one of the oldest private clubs in Easton PA. The Club held a very impressive collective art exhibition by gallery owners, Ron Susser and Jon Clark which was well attended. The art was very well selected and prominently placed on the walls of the Pomfret Club Library. Art Gallery owners of RE:find, a well established gallery in Easton PA, should receive many credits for this event. Marta Whistler had 2 of her paintings included in this impressive collection of art by noted artists.